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New York State School Boards Association: The new education consumerism

Parentology: Future Trends in K-12 Education Parents Need to Know About

Innerself: Win the Battle In Your Head: Perspective Matters, Don’t Give Up Before You Begin

The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap: 5 Steps To Finding Your Passion, YoungUpstarts

Self-Talk: 6 Ways to Overcome Negative Thinking and Truly Succeed, CEOWorld

Opinion: High school students need homeroom champions, The Detroit News


Unlocking Happiness

“Failure is a Necessary Step Towards Excellence”

Interview with Jason Mark Campbell

“The Power of Self Talk”

Thrive Global Interview

“Everything starts with vision”


Life as Leadership Podcast


A New Direction with Jay Izso Interview

Lessons for Success in Life, Career and Business


Authority Magazine

Young Change Makers: Why and How Author Peter Ruppert Is Helping To Change Our World


Modern Professional

Peter Ruppert Talks Education, Failure & Entrepreneurship


G2 Leadership Institute’s Mentors Circle

Clarity and Taking Action
Inner Circle and Support
Perfect vs Starting
The Crab Trap


LIMITLESS! An Advantage Performance Group Give-Back Event

Guest Speaker Peter Ruppert


The Ivy Slater Show Interview

My interview with Ivy Slater on the Her Success Story podcast is now live! We discuss how I got into education, how values play a role in our business decisions, business model development, launching and scaling an education business, how to deal with major setbacks in your business, the pandemic’s impact on growth and education and much more. Tune in!


The Dr. Foojan Interview

Interview with Dr. Foojan


The KAHI MaryJane Popp Radio Show Interview


Dr. Red Says Interview


KIVO Daily Interview 

An interview with Peter G. Ruppert, Founder, and CEO of Fusion Education Group


The Dave Pamah Show


Failing Forward Podcast

The Matt Baxter Show, Failing Before you Succeed

All net proceeds will be donated to the Fusion Scholarship Foundation